Investigating: Personal Engineering Mediated Communicating

Contents Lean of abbreviations Inclination of extracts Number of figures 1Introduction 2Analysis 2.1Choice of modality 2.1.1Cost 2.1.2Degree of puff 2.1.3Medium singularity 2.1.4Formality 2.1.5Peer tempt 2.1.6Immediacy 2.1.7Intertextuality – Retrievability – Navigability 2.1.8Multifunction 2.1.9Lack of hope for self-disclosure 2.2Nature of nomenclature put-upon 2.2.1Language backdrop 2.2.2Keyboard affordance 2.2.3Intimacy floor 2.2.4Cultural measure 2.3Semiotic resources 2.3.1Numbering, paragraphing, coloring – textual […]